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Jira Actions, Alerts, Reports and Standup in Slack. Easy, secure and most comprehensive Jira Slack Integration (Server & Cloud).

Maximize your investment in Jira

Project progress suffers when Jira is not up to date, blockers surface at the last moment and email notifications are missed in all the noise. Important issue context get lost in chat threads. There is too much asking around for updates.


With an easy way to manage Jira issues in Slack, Troopr ensures Jira is updated more often and important notifications are delivered in Slack without the noise. Troopr can also send Jira reports and follow ups periodically to Slack channels. Everyone saves time and everyone is on the same page.

Troopr Jira Slack Integration is the new Slack first way to work.


Automated Reports

Jira report builder for periodic automated report graphs delivered directly into Slack

Scheduled Smart Notifications

Jira smart reminder builder for complex aggregation rules-based notifications

Paginated Views

Fetch a paginated list of Jira issues on-demand with custom filters

Guest access

Allow secure authorization of approved Slack users to file and track Jira issues as Guests

Field Discovery

Automatic required field discovery during issue creation, issue transition

Custom Field Recognition

Automatic custom field recognition and update assistance

Loved by agile teams

"I have already recommended Troopr to others in our organisation"

Head Of Creative/Immersive

"Simple, easy to add in Slack and have anice dashboard to download the Standup"

Product Design Lead/Kata.ai

"Easy to use and works"

Cloud Architect/PGS

"Troopr has been very effective for our weekly standup. No longer are we filling out Google doc - a single Slack threat now suffices."


"Sending Jira burndown automatically in Slack. That’s the main reason I am using it for"


"I love the product and think there is a lot of potential here."

Senior Product Manager/Zeno Media

Jira Slack Integration Features

Issue Creation

Create issues with buttons or commands

Create issue with any custom and required fields

Discovers custom field types for easy form filling

Create issues of custom issue type

Transition issues based on your workflow

Quick Creation

 Quick create command using channel defaults

 Quick create issues from chat messages

 Quick create/update issues from chat attachments

Command automation for every Jira action

Issue Listing

See your issues with buttons or commands

Filter issues by assignee/status/JQL

See paginated list for easy viewing

Switch issues list to edit mode to take action

Issue Unfurl and Search

Auto unfurl issues when mentioned in chat

Search Jira issues by keyword

Followup actions listed with every issue

Noise free notifications

Group your notifications before delivery for less clutter

Setup a delivery frequency of your choice

Filter by projects, event type or JQL

Choose personal notifications for issues assigned/reported/watched by you/@mentions

Scheduled Smart Notifications

Smart notification templates for building custom rule based notifications

Templates for Overdue issues, Issues missing estimates, Issues not updated in days and more

Customize a template or make your own

Automated Reports

Jira Report templates for automating Jira progress reports delivery to Slack

Templates for Burndown chart, Velocity Chart, Workload distribution, Recently updated issues, Sprint Status, Open Blockers and more

Customize a Template or make your own

Support for historical time-series reports (weekly/monthly progress)

Jira Standups

Troopr Slack Standup automation runs async standup meetings directly in Slack

Link Jira issues in your Standup updates

Unfurl Jira issues mentioned in Standup reports

Get consolidated standup reports

Support for user timezone

Jira Slack Integration Security

✔  OAuth 2.0 3LO authentication for best in class security

✔  Your Jira project issues never stored on our servers

✔  We care deeply about your personal data and security. Read more about our security policy here

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