Troopr Reports 

Easily get reports like issues due by assignee, burndown chart
in Slack

Share privately or schedule to team or project channels. See and update report issues in Slack.

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How Slack reports for Jira works


  1. Choose from 20+ built-in report templates or build a new one using "custom report" or "custom JQL report"

  2. Set up recurring or on-demand, configure timing, choose the Slack channel you want the report to be delivered

  3. Choose project, board and other filters for Troopr to build the reports to be delivered to the Slack channel

  4. Troopr delivers the configured Jira reports to the relevant Slack channels

  5. Troopr also lets the team members take action on report issues or discuss the report inside Slack

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With a 5000+ members organization across 17 different Slack workspaces in a grid, there were multiple use cases for Slack integration with Jira. Troopr started with the ticketing use case first and then moved on to solve software project integration and asynchronous standup meetings. With monthly activity at 50K Troopr actions and 10K notifications and growing adoption, Troopr has delivered cumulative saving of $100M annual for the organization.

- Fortune 500 Gaming Company

Benefits of sharing Jira reports in Slack

Triggers engagement

Troopr goes beyond link sharing to deliver the actual report in Slack. Team members can see and discuss the complete report inside Slack.

Get deeper insights 

The reports come with the associated list of issues. Browse through the list and use filter options for better understanding.

Take action in Slack

Team members can see the report and the associated list of issues with action buttons to update status, comment, take any action or update any field.

Automate shoulder tap nudges

Schedule reports that

nudge someone to take action in Slack. Use for upcoming due dates or for nudges based on the work assigned to the team.

Easy customization

Pick from the built-in template or make your own template or custom JQL report, and choose the project, board and other filtersfor Troopr to build and deliver to Slack.

Setup Jira reports and charts in Slack.p
Built-in Jira report templates in Slack.

Multiple built-in templates

Pick from 20+ popular built-in templates like burndown chart, issue by status chart, issue by priority and more.

Build beautiful charts

Build your own chart by choosing the report type you want like bar chart, line chart or other and choose X-axis and Y-axis fields.

Setup custom charts in Slack.png
Setup Jira JQL reports in Slack.png

Share Jira JQL reports

Configure a custom report by specifying

any JQL in the report configuration for Troopr to pick report data and deliver in Slack.

Configure scheduling and delivery options

Setup time schedule - either weekly or daily

and choose where you want to receive the report in Slack - either personal or Slack channels.

Configure scheduling and delivery option
Drill through Jira reports in Slack.png

Drill through

The reports come with a “Show issues” button.

The issue list can be browsed through and

drilled down for more insights directly in Slack.

Take action in Slack

Troopr reports are completely accessible inside

Slack and come with action buttons to change

status, comment. take any issue action or

update any field.

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All-in-one package

Troopr can do more than sharing Jira reports in Slack. For more details refer to the features below.

Saves upto 100 hours per employee time per year

Slack reports for Jira

Troopr Reports for Jira allows users to set up automated reporting from Jira projects into Slack channels.

Slack check-ins for Jira

 Conduct asynchronous meetings in Slack with  Troopr prebuilt automations for all scrum ceremonies.

Slack integration for Jira Software

Easily manage Jira in Slack. Most secure and comprehensive Jira Slack Integration for Server, Data Center & Cloud.

Slack integration for Jira Service Desk

Easily manage Jira Service Desk in Slack. Most secure and comprehensive Slack Integration for Server, Data Center & Cloud.

Popular report templates

Sprint burndown chart

Visual representation of the amount of work

that has been completed and

work remaining in a Sprint

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Smart Actionable nudges in Slack.png

Smart nudges

Reports that nudge the team to take action in Slack

SLA met vs breached chart

Shows the ticket breakdown by SLA met vs breached

Jira Service Desk Reports in Slack.png
Jira Ticket breakdown report in

Open tickets by type chart

Shows open ticktes breakdown by ticket type in Slack

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