Troopr HelpDesk 

Cut internal support time by 80%

Resolve employee IT requests faster in Slack with automated suggestions from Confluence and automated two-way ticket syncing between Slack and Jira

Works with Jira Service Management Cloud, Server and DC

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Thousands of teams love Troopr

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Electronic Arts

Changing the ITSM game

No need to learn
another tool

Employees doesn't need to learn another tool to file requests. Let your employees post their requests in Slack and let Troopr handle ticket creation and updates. Agents can track and update all open requests in dedicated channels.

Improve support experience

Your team can accept and act on incoming tickets promptly in Slack. Keep the employees on the same page with automatic updates in Slack. Employees no longer had to navigate between portals to get help

Make informed

Bring key metrics in easy-to-digest reports and charts, allowing the managers to take informed decisions and facilitate contextual discussions with the team.

Win on every metric that matters

Response Times


Resolution Times


Deflection rate




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With a 5000+ members organization across 17 different Slack workspaces in a grid, there were multiple use cases for Slack integration with Jira. Troopr started with the ticketing use case first and then moved on to solve software project integration and asynchronous standup meetings. With monthly activity at 50K Troopr actions and 10K notifications and growing adoption, Troopr has delivered cumulative saving of $100M annual for the organization.

- Fortune 500 Gaming Company

How it works


Customer Experience

Agent Experience

Report and track requests in Slack

Keep track of requests in Slack without context switch

Built for Enterprises

Implementation assistance so you can learn from the experts on how best to set Troopr up for your team for success.

Security assistance during your vendor security and risk assessment evaluation. 

24/7 support via email, chat and Slack channels for your continuous premium support needs

Legal assistance to ensure Data Processing Agreement and Terms of Service meet the needs of your organization

Directly cut to the front of the queue for new feature requests. We share a prioritized roadmap for your requests with periodic updates.

Dedicated account manager for the lifetime of your account to handle all the requests from your team


Getting started

  1. Add Troopr to Slack and connect Troopr to your Jira instance

  2. Get your team to verify their Jira account and setup personal preferences for notifications

  3. Setup support channel where employees can post requests

  4. Setup triage channel where your team can work on incoming tickets

  5. Setup channel reports for SLA breached, ticket breakdown and more insights

Single click ticketing

  • Create tickets of all request types quickly using a simple ticketing emoji

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Auto resolve tickets.png

Auto resolve tickets

  • Auto resolve common requests with recommendations from existing knowledge base

  • Provide instant suggestions from Confluence in Slack

2 way ticket synchronization 

  • 2 way auto sync between Slack and Jira

  • Discussion in Slack thread synced to Jira
  • Updates in Jira synced to the Slack thread
  • Attachments in Slack thread added to Jira and vice-versa

2 way synchronization between Slack and Jira.png
Automated approvals.png

Automated approvals

  • Seamlessly connect Jira and Slack to keep your team moving forward

  • Troopr dynamically understands the teams' workflows to set triggers and approvers to get your team working more efficiently and transparently
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Quick ticket creation

  • Create tickets with buttons or commands

  • Create ticket with any custom and required fields
  • Discover custom field types for easy form filling
  • Create tickets of custom type
  • Transition tickets based on your workflow

Multi-message action

  • Quick create using channel defaults

  • Quick create tickets from chat messages
  • Quick create/update tickets from chat attachments
  • Command automation for every Jira action
Multi message actions in Slack.png
Jira tickets list in Slack.png

Ticket listing

  • See your tickets with buttons or commands

  • Filter tickets by assignee/status/JQL
  • See paginated list for easy viewing
  • Switch tickets to edit mode to take action

Ticket unfurl and search

  • Auto unfurl tickets when mentioned in chat 

  • Search Jira tickets by keyword

  • Followup actions listed with every ticket
Search and unfurl Jira ticket in Slack.p
Jira tickets notifications in Slack.png

Noise free notifications

  • Group notifications before delivery to reduce clutter

  • Setup a delivery frequency of your choice
  • Filter by projects, event type or JQL
  • Choose personal notifications for tickets assigned/ reported/watched by you/@mentions

Smart nudges

  • Smart notification templates for building custom rule based notifications

  • Templates for tickets nearing SLA, tickets missing updates and more
  • Customize a template or make your own
Actionable nudges on Jira tickets in Sla
Jira Service Desk Reports in Slack.png

Automated reports

  • Jira report templates for automating Jira progress reports delivery to Slack

  • Templates for SLA Met and Breached report, Request breakdown by type report, Tickets by priority report, Open tickets and more

  • Customize a template or make your own

  • Support for historical time-series reports (weekly/monthly progress)

Customer feedback in Slack

  • Know what your customers think of your support in a way that's convenient for them

  • See real-time reports detailing how your team is doing

  • Discuss interesting feedback to inspire your teams with new ideas   

Customer feedback in Slack.png
Channel defaults.png

Channel defaults

  • Customize notifications and channel defaults for any Slack channel

  • Customize project, request type, summary and any other custom fields as defaults for the channels   

Role based access

  • Setup role based admin access for the channels

  • Troopr allows only channel administrators to configure the channels


Channel admins.png
Jira Slack Integration by Troopr.png

Support for
Jira software projects

  • Create, manage and track Jira issues in Slack

  • Templates for burndown chart, issues by priority, issue breakdown by type, workload distribution chart and more
  • Run async Jira task check-in, daily scrum, retro, planning poker and more in Slack

Bring Slack ticketing to your team today