Slack Integration for

Jira Service Desk

Easily manage Jira Service Desk projects in Slack. Most secure and comprehensive Slack Jira Integration for Server, Data Center & Cloud.

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How Slack integration for Jira Service Desk works

  1. Add to Slack and connect your Jira instance.

  2. Verify your Jira account and setup personal preferences for notifications and more.

  3. Invite Troopr to helpdesk channel and setup channel preferences.

  4. Setup personal and/or channel reports for SLA breached, ticket breakdown and more.

  5. Thats it. Troopr now 

  • Automatically captures Slack conversations to Jira tickets. 

  • Notifies you about new tickets and updates.

  • Lets you see your/your teammates' tickets in Slack.

  • Lets you update or take any action on any ticket in Slack.

  • Provides periodic actionable insights on open tickets and metrics in Slack.

Why Troopr?

No need to learn another tool

Your team doesn't need to learn another tool. Track and update tickets in Slack, participate in project meetings in Slack. Troopr brings smart micro-interactions in Slack so your team can get back to work faster.

Save time switching context

Minimize messy context switching overhead. Get more done in Slack. Save 1000s of hours in context switching. Improve team engagement and productivity.

Superior Helpdesk experience

Superior Slack first Helpdesk experience for agents and employees. Accept and act on the tickets promptly in Slack. Keep the employees on the same page with automatic updates in Slack.

Automate shoulder tap nudges

Schedule reports that

nudge someone to take action in Slack. Use for upcoming due dates, SLA breached or for nudges based on the work assigned.

Maximize your investment in Jira Service Desk

Important ticket context gets lost in chat threads, there is a lot of manual copy pasting to keep your systems in sync, SLA breaches happen, blockers surface at the last moment and email notifications are missed in all the noise.

With an easy way to manage Jira tickets in Slack, Troopr ensures Jira is always up to date with automated context sync. Important notifications are delivered in Slack as actionable alerts without the noise. Troopr also sends Jira reports and nudges periodically to Slack channels. Everyone saves time and everyone is on the same page.

Troopr Slack Integration for Jira Service Desk is the new Slack first way to work.

"I love the product"

"solves a real problem for our team"

"great Slack apps that accelerate agile teams"

"I highly recommend"

2way thread sync

✔ 2 way Sync between Slack and Jira

✔ Discussion in Slack thread synced to Jira

✔ Updates in Jira synced to the Slack thread

✔ Attachments in Slack thread added to Jira

2way Jira ticket thread sync.png

Dynamic Ticket Creation Form

✔ Create tickets in Slack with dynamic ticket creation form

✔ Creation form renders dynamically based on selected project, board and ticket type 

✔ Creation form auto-populates fields relevant for creation

✔ Creation form auto discovers custom field types for easy form filling

Creation form auto discovers required fields 

✔ Creation form respects transition rules for creation

Support for Transition Rules

Troopr respects all transition rules and workflow configurations and ensures consistency of behavior in Slack.

Troopr complies with the transition rules during ticket creation, update and status change events. 

Troopr auto populates required fields during the transition to make it easier to complete the transition action in Slack. 

Quick Ticket Creation

✔ Create tickets with buttons or commands

✔ Create ticket with any custom and required fields

✔ Discovers custom field types for easy form filling

✔ Create tickets of custom type

✔ Transition tickets based on your workflow

Multi-message Action

✔ Quick create command using channel defaults

✔ Quick create tickets from chat messages

✔ Quick create/update tickets from chat attachments

✔ Command automation for every Jira action

Ticket Listing

See your tickets with buttons or commands

Filter tickets by assignee/status/JQL

See paginated list for easy viewing

Switch tickets list to edit mode to take action

Ticket Unfurl and Search

Auto unfurl tickets when mentioned in chat

Search Jira tickets by keyword

Followup actions listed with every ticket

Noise free notifications

Group notifications before delivery to reduce clutter

Setup a delivery frequency of your choice

Filter by projects, event type or JQL

Choose personal notifications for tickets assigned/reported/watched by you/@mentions

Smart Nudges

Smart notification templates for building custom rule based notifications

Templates for Overdue tickets, Tickets missing estimates, Tickets not updated in days and more

Customize a template or make your own

Automated Reports

Jira Report templates for automating Jira progress reports delivery to Slack

Templates for SLA Met and Breached report, Request breakdown by type report, Tickets by Priority report, Open Tickets and more

Customize a Template or make your own

Support for historical time-series reports (weekly/monthly progress)

Support for Jira Software Projects

   ✔ Create, manage and track Jira issues in Slack

✔ Templates for burndown chart, issues by priority, issue breakdown by type, workload distribution chart and more

✔ Run async Jira task check-in, daily scrum, retro, planning poker and more in Slack   

Smart Features

Automated Reports

Jira report builder for periodic automated report graphs delivered directly into Slack

Scheduled Smart Notifications

Jira smart reminder builder for complex aggregation rules-based notifications

Paginated Views

Fetch a paginated list of Jira tickets on-demand with custom filters

Guest access

Allow secure authorization of approved Slack users to file and track Jira tickets as Guests

Field Discovery

Automatic required field discovery during ticket creation, ticket transition

Custom Field Recognition

Automatic custom field recognition and update assistance

Jira Service Desk Slack Integration Security

Enterprise grade security for your data. | Jira Slack Integration by Troopr

✔  OAuth 2.0 3LO authentication for best in class security

✔  Your Jira project tickets never stored on our servers

✔  We care deeply about your personal data and security. Read more about our security policy here
✔  Troopr has been evaluated to be in compliance with ISO 27001 - the international standard on how to manage information security

Bring Slack Integration for Jira Service Desk to your team today