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What Our Customers Say

Troopr guarantees improved team engagement and productivity. Dont just take our word for it. See why some of the smartest agile teams around the world are choosing Troopr.

What People Say

"I have already recommended Troopr to others in our organisation"

Jon Bradley, Immersive

"Troopr has been very effective for our weekly standup. No longer are we filling out Google doc - a single Slack threat now suffices."

Matt Prusak, Gothams

"Very good support team which is very important for me. I need certain changes to existing app and team have been incorporating in their best capacity. Troopr has been very helpful app for standups and my program reporting and I can't stay away from this. Keep going with your customer support! Highly recommend."

Namrata Parab, Anandrathi

"It works for Standup but I haven't used it for anything beyond"

Alex Finn Avery, Gather

"Kudos to the team and the effort in making the next version. I like very much the dedication behind it all. The team at Troopr is all about brining tangible benefits to agile teams that work with Slack and Jira --> saving them multiple man hours each week."

Alexander Raiman, Daytrip

"Troopr Jira Slack integration has worked great for our team. We started to see improvements in team engagement within days of setting it up. Their support team has been responsive to our requests and the turn around time on feature requests was very quick. Highly recommend for teams using Slack and Jira."

Hemanth Manda, Xaxis

"Easy to use , affordable"

Ruth Cheesley, Mautic

"Congratulations to the whole Troopr team for an amazing product. Bravo on your efforts and keep rocking!

Sriram Kumaran, Octave Group

"A shout out to Troopr Labs Inc who make great Slack apps that accelerate agile teams. Their team turned around two feature suggestions from our team in as many weeks. Incredible."

Justin devine, Candid Partners 

"I highly recommend the plugin"

Hendry Betts,

The Imagination Agents

"Simple, easy to add in Slack and have anice dashboard to download the Standup"

Tri Kurniawan,

"Waaay better than the official Jira integration of Slack. Combined with the Standup integration, makes it a really powerful app for distributed teams. Still exploring..but I like what I see. A lot"

Ujjwal Grover, Harmonize

"Amazing product, Congratulations to whole team for making such an amazing product. We are using slack from quite some time now and Looking forward to use it extensively !!"

Prafful Gupta, IncRevenue

"Very good app when compared to the other ones on the slack integration page.. ..Very good customer service. Very satisfied so far!"

Beatriz Moraes, Tiko Digital Inc.

"Easy to use and works"

Louis Bailleul, PGS

"This is a really cool tool for a basic agile team."

Rafael Caceres, Taller

"If you have a small team and want to try out something simple in Slack for your project management, I would strongly recommend Troopr."

Naren Kumar, IamHere

"it solves a real problem for our team, and solves it fairly well."

Yuanbo Liu, Lark Technologies

"Nice product and I think the product is going to be well."

Dylan Vanmali, Revnite

"I really like the web report for standups"

Roel, JW Player

"We have onboarded our team on Troopr, and so far, everything looks good!"

Jaffar Hussain, Imroz

"It's Convenient"

Jochen Witte, 

Goldbach Group AG

"I love the product and think there is a lot of potential here."

Chaim Gross, Zeno Media

"Sending Jira burndown automatically in Slack. That’s the main reason I am using it for"

Amir Azimi, Relabz

"We are only using Standup and I think it has few glitches.. Anyway, thanks for a great product. Would Recommended"

Rasmus Styrk, House of Code

"This is only regarding Slack integration I used it to set up daily standup reports from local and remote developers, I find it fullfills that requirement fine I used it to set up daily standup reports from local and remote developers, I find it fullfills that requirement fine"

Steven Truesdell, Starlight Software Solutions

"My team is using slack and JIRA extensively. This integration helps us to be true agile. We have recently started with troopr but have already become fans. Thanks to troopr."

Charles Mallabarapu, Sayal

"We run our projects in JIRA and we love Slack. Troopr fits well into our workflow. Troopr is now the go to Bot for managing Jira issues.. We asked for few missing features and the team has been super responsive to our feedback"

Lakshman N, Margosa Health

"We will continue to see where Troopr better fits as an extension opposed to the JIRA official app — we have grown frustrated with JIRA’s lack of improvement on their own tools, and how clunky they are."

Sam Marshall, Mind trust

"I'm a nut for productivity. Anything that keeps my team focused and organized is a win in my book. I found Troopr when looking for alternatives to Standuply and man is it cool... The team has been super receptive to my feedback so that's always awesome in a product like this."

Justin Mitchell, YAC Chat

"Just wanted to say troopr is exactly what I was looking for, and thank you for the product! "

Keehun Nam, Southeastern Minnesota Youth Orchestras

"I used it[Troopr Check-in] to set up daily standup reports for local and remote developers, I find it fulfills that requirement fine"

Steven Truesdell, Starlight Software

Norman Pracht

Associate General Manager, Webmecanik

"..the problem we were facing.. [was] internal communication. We have different business units - software development, marketing, sales and we always had an issue understanding what are people doing.. That was the issue we wanted to tackle [with Troopr].


Once we start Troopr.. we dont have to setup meetings and be all present at same time.. you can just type your answers on desktop or mobile phone and you can answer when you have time for it.

..I recommend [Troopr] because don't want to have another software to do another thing, [Troopr] plugs in to the software [Slack] you already use.."

Thousands of teams love Troopr

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