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Securely integrate Jira to Slack in minutes

Integrating Jira with Slack is a simple 3 step process and can be done in minutes.

In this blog, we will get into details of

  1. How to connect your Jira domain (Cloud & Server) to Slack workspace

  2. Troopr's assurance to data and information security

  3. Getting started with Troopr in a few simple steps

Connect Jira to Slack (Jira cloud)

In this section, we have put together the steps involved in integrating Jira cloud to Slack. We are going to cover the Jira server integration in the next section.

Firstly, get started with troopr by installing the plugin from Slack App directory or Atlassian marketplace or directly from Troopr’s Jira Slack integration website.

Step 1: Connect your Jira Domain

  • Get started by typing in the command /troopr configure in any slack channel

  • Choose “connection settings”

  • Click on the link and this opens up Troopr web app Jira connection page. You will be asked to go for either cloud or server connection. Choose “New Jira Cloud Connection”

  • This opens up the following page. Select your Jira domain, review the permissions requested by the application, and “Accept”.

Your Jira domain is now successfully connected.

Step 2: Token Authorization

  • You will be redirected to the API token authorization page, where you will have the option to generate and fill in the API token and Atlassian account email address. (Could be done by Jira admin). Copy and paste the API token in the field and click on “Next”.

  • If you aren’t the admin, click on the option “skip” where you will have an option to email the admin. And anyJira admin can fill in this field by using their token.

Step 3: Link Jira Project to Slack channel

  • Here you will be able to link your Jira project to Slack channel by providing the project, board and issue type information in the fields and click “Next”. You can also make changes to these fields anytime needed.

  • Your Jira project is now connected to the Slack channel. You will receive an acknowledgment message on Slack, where you can use the buttons to customize notifications, reports and standups or you can also do this anytime later.

You have now successfully connected Jira to Slack

Connect Jira to Slack (Jira Server)

Step 1: Get started by ensuring Troopr Servers are reachable from your Jira Server host

You will likely have to whitelist Troopr’s IP address

Step 2: Connect your Jira Server

  • Type in the command “/troopr configure” in any slack channel

  • Choose “Connection settings”

  • Click on the link to open up Troopr web app Jira connection page.

  • Click on “Connect” and choose “New Jira Server/Data Center Connection” that opens up the connection form, where you will need to provide user name, password and Jira Server Url (Recommended to make use of Jira admin account to get Troopr's complete experience in Slack).

  • Your Jira server account is now connected to Slack and you will be able to find the 'status of connection' in the connection section of the same page.

You have now successfully connected Jira to Slack.

Auto mapping

When your Jira domain is connected to the Slack workspace, Troopr attempts to 100 percent automatically map users accounts on Jira to Slack based on confidence in user profile match. You can see the list of auto mapped user accounts on the “User mapping” section. (You can get to this page by following the instructions in the next paragraph).

For user accounts that aren’t auto mapped, you can leverage by manual mapping. You can get to this process by navigating to “Go to Web App” button on Troopr Assistant home tab, and then to “Integrations → Jira Integration” at the top menu, and then to “User mapping”.

Security is our top priority

Troopr’s Jira Slack integration adopts best industry standards to protect your data and information from unauthorized access, misuse, and data loss.

At Troopr, we ensure that we aren’t storing any of your Jira project issue data on our servers. And we adopt OAuth 2.0 authentication for best in industry security measures.

Why we choose to use Oauth 2.o authentication and its benefits

  • Most recommended by Atlassian

  • Token based authentication method to access Jira APIs

  • Involves authorization and consent from end user to access to their data

  • Troopr stands out from others by implementing industry best Oauth 2.0 authentication

More about this on Atlassian document.

Troopr’s Slack Jira integration also ensures accessing/requesting the minimal limited information to provide the service.

Following are the permissions Troopr needs to provide the functionalities of the Jira to Slack application.

Please refer to Developer scopes - Atlassian for more details.

Getting started with Troopr

We will get into some simple steps on getting started with Troopr’s Jira Slack integration

  1. Customize personal preferences

  2. Customize channel preferences

  3. Take actions on Jira issues from slack

  4. Schedule Jira reports

  5. Asynchronous standup meetings in slack

Customize personal preferences

Troopr allows you to customize your personal notifications by just typing in /troopr configure in “Troopr Assistant” bot channel.

Choose “Notification settings”

You will now see your current preferences. Make changes to the fields and “save”

Customize channel preferences

Similarly, you can customize your channel preferences by simply typing in “/troopr configure” in your channel and select “Notification settings”.

Then choose “existing notification subscription” or “Add subscription” and fill in the fields based on your preferences.

Take actions on Jira issues from Slack

The following simple commands helps you get started with Jira issues

  1. The simple command /troopr list shows list of issues assigned to you (or any custom filter)

  2. The simple command “/troopr create” enables you to create Jira ticket from Slack

  3. The simple command “/troopr find” searches and unfurls Jira issues either by Jira key or keywords associated with it

More on this on another blog.

Also, Troopr comes with an easy approach to performing the basic functionalities via Troopr launcher. Just typing in “/troopr” in any channel brings in the 'Troopr Launcher' and any actions can be performed with just a cluck of the button.

Schedule Jira reports

Choose “Jira Reports” from the Troopr Launcher to see the list of scheduled reports or Choose “+Reports” where you can configure already existing reports.

or Click on “schedule a new report” to choose from the pre-built templates and follow the instructions and also customize them as needed.

Asynchronous standup meetings in Slack

Choose “+Standup” from Troopr Launcher to run a new Standup meeting or Choose “My Standups” to see the list of your existing meetings.

Alternatively, choose “+Retrospective” to run a new retrospective meeting.

Troopr’s Jira Slack Plugin is trusted by teams at Electronic Arts, Accenture, Delivery Hero, Vodafone, etc. and is designed to fit teams of any size.

Get Started.

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