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How to create and access JIRA issues from Slack?

Hey there, hate updating your JIRA issues often or hate nudging your team members to update JIRA regularly?

Project managers and stakeholders want JIRA up to date, so that they have an overall picture of what is going on. But awakened to the actuality, it requires a lot of nudging to get everyone on the team to keep the JIRA updated. Typically, engineers hate taking time out from their core work to update JIRA now and then.

From some users standpoint, they tend to express unfavorable opinions:

Jira issues in Slack

Slack discussion

Are you one among them? Or are you a part of a team who feels the same way?

Never worry, You are not alone.

What your team needs is a quicker way to keep the JIRA current.

What if we say you could do everything from Slack, without logging into JIRA?

Seems simple and convenient?

We have built a solution - Jira Slack integration that allows you to automate JIRA workflows in Slack.

Troopr not only allows you to create/access/take actions on JIRA issues from Slack, it goes a step further by automating alerts, project reports, insights on Slack channels and also comes with a powerfully integrated standup bot that can supplement daily scrum meetings in your team.

Here’s how you can do it.

Create JIRA issues from Slack

There are a few easy ways to create JIRA ticket from Slack

  1. Trigger ‘’+issue’’ from Troopr home tab

  2. Using simple ‘create’ command

  3. Using Troopr launcher

  4. From Shortcut menu

  5. Convert any Slack message into a JIRA issue

  6. Convert any file (attachment) into an issue where the file will be attached to it automatically

We will get into details on how this work:

1. Selecting the trigger ‘+ issue’ from Troopr home tab

Create Jira issues from Slack

This will open up the JIRA issue creation form

Jira issue creation form

Fill in the fields and click on ‘Create’

2. Create command

If you could remember this simple syntax, creating an issue is just a second away. /t [create] [summary] +[fieldName]:[fieldValue] Let me give you some examples

/t create

This starts a new issue creation using channel defaults and automatically prompts for missing fields

/t create <some new issue summary>

This creates a new issue using channel defaults for project and issue type

/t create <some new issue summary> @user

This creates a new issue using channel defaults for project and issue type and assigns it to user

/t create <some new issue summary> @user +Project:TP

This creates a new issue using TP project, channel defaults for issue type and assigns it to user

/t create <some new issue summary> @user +Project:TP +Issue Type:Bug +Priority:1 +Epic Link:TP-18

This creates a new issue using TP project, Bug issue type, Highest priority, TP-18 Epic and assigns it to user

3. Troopr launcher Just type in the command /t in any Slack channel.

Troopr launcher in Slack

This opens Troopr Launcher. Then select the trigger ‘+issue’

This will open up the issue creation form and prompts to fill in the necessary fields.

Issue preview in Slack

4. Shortcut Menu

You can quickly create issues by opening up the shortcut menu with a click on the lightning button next to the message bar.

Shortcut to create Jira issue from Slack

5. Convert any Slack message into a JIRA issue

You can also convert any Slack message into a JIRA issue by clicking on a simple emoji.

Convert Slack message into a Jira issue

6. Convert any file (attachment) into an issue where the file will be attached to it automatically

You can do this by simply clicking on ‘More actions’ and then selecting ‘Task It Troopr Assistant’. This will create a new issue with the attachment.

Convert file into Jira issue

Attach files to JIRA issues

You may also need to add/attach files to your JIRA issues. Do you find this a little time consuming?

We would say, just shoot them out directly from Slack

  1. Simply click on ‘Attach file’ in the Slack in any channel and choose the attachment to upload

  2. Then type the issue key in the message before sending it

Attach files to Jira issues

Looks convenient?

You will also get an acknowledgement message with the link to the JIRA issue where the file is attached.

File attachment with Jira issue

Personalized list of ‘Assigned to you’ JIRA issues

Every team member in the Slack workspace will see his personalized current list of JIRA issues, which by default are the issues that are assigned to him.

Troopr remembers your preferences and automatically pulls in the list on persistent and customized time intervals.

This also allows you to take action on the issues by clicking on the ‘Take Action’ button. You can either change status, comment or edit any field associated with the issue.

Answer and comment on JIRA issues from Slack

This provides an easy and time-saving opportunity to answer/comment on JIRA issues directly on chat.

Comment on Jira issues from Slack

Change status of JIRA issues from Slack

Similarly, it also allows you to change the status of JIRA issues directly on chat.

Auto unfurl any JIRA issue by just mentioning it on the chat

Simply unfurl and take actions on any issue by just mentioning the JIRA key on the Slack chat.

Slack unfurl

Find and unfurl any JIRA issues by using a simple command in the Slack

I need not say how annoying it is when you can't remember exactly the JIRA key. But still if you are able to remember some keyphrases associated with the issues, Troopr allows you to find and unfurl the JIRA issues from Slack by simply typing /t find (keyphrase) in any channel.

Noise free customized notifications

The Slack jira bot automatically keeps you informed with JIRA issues and timely updates on Slack as and when they are mentioned through noise free notifications, enabling you to get a full picture of what’s going on without switching context from work to Email/JIRA screen, thus saving time.

Noise free customized notifications

Scheduled smart notifications for issues not updated in days

Schedule smart notifications in Slack

Similarly, Troopr also keeps you informed about overdue issues. These notifications prompt the team to work on missed critical tasks and keep everyone on the same page.

Get JIRA reports on Slack

Slack bot for jira allows you to automate sprint status, cross team progress, burndown and velocity report in Slack. Know more about the reports here.

Get Jira reports on Slack

Troopr is trusted by thousands of organizations including accenture, vodafone, salesforce, electronic arts.

Try Troopr's Jira Slack integration for free - Designed to fit teams of any size

Or get started by installing Troopr Slack jira integration plugin from Slack app directory or Atlassian marketplace.

The complete process to integrate jira to Slack can be completed in under 2 minutes.

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