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Automatically share Jira Burndown reports in Slack

What is a burndown chart

Burndown chart is a visual representation of the amount of work that has been completed and work remaining in the specific Sprint. It shows how much work is left and how much time there is to do in the Sprint.

In this blog we will cover 1. Where a burndown chart might come handy

2. Share burndown chart to the team in Slack

3. Automating Jira burndown chart in Slack

- Share project progress with stakeholders who do not have access to project tracker

- Analyze and take action on open issues

4. How to setup burndown chart in Slack

5. Post-setup actions

6. Troopr goes beyond burndown charts

7. Get Started

Where a burndown chart might come handy

Getting the burndown chart available in front of the team members helps to track the progress of the tasks being worked on in the Sprint. Burndown chart helps to identify completed work against the actual project completion rate. This way the team can identify project lags and diagnose potential blockers.

Also, having this type of visual representation in front of the whole team keeps everyone on the same page about the project progress and avoids any bottlenecks.

Since these reports are updated regularly, it allows stakeholders to project target completion dates and identify potential delays in the current project iteration ahead of time.

Share burndown chart to the team in Slack

In a fast-paced environment, all that you need is a quick way to get these reports. Be either for a meeting or team discussions or getting to know how the works are being progressed. The quickest way to share the burndown chart is in teams’ Slack channel. This keeps everyone on the same page and allows the team to discuss the report right there or analyze and take actions on the open issues.

Automating Jira Burndown chart in Slack

Troopr enables you to set up a number of workflow automations including bringing Jira burndown charts in Slack. Troopr goes beyond link sharing to bringing the actual report with action items in Slack. This allows the team members to discuss the reports right there and take required actions on the open issues directly in Slack. The open issues comes with action buttons, allowing the team members to update the status, assign, comment, add files and more without ever leaving Slack.

Getting the burndown chart in Slack gives an unique opportunity to improve team collaboration in the following ways.

Share project progress with Stakeholders who do not have access to project tracker

With Jira burndown chart in Slack, everyone sees the same report and everyone is on the same page. Stakeholders who do not have access to the project tracker tool like Jira or other, but available in Slack can also see the same report and keep everyone on the same page.

Analyze and take action on the Open Issues

Troopr also dynamically identifies potential open issues and shares along with the report in Slack. This gives an opportunity for the team members to analyze and act on the open issues.

Jira has distinct permissions with respect to what they can see and what they can do. Troopr dynamically understands this and ensures that users in Slack are only permitted to take the actions that they are permitted to take inside Jira.

How to setup burndown chart in Slack

The setup involves 3 easy steps

1. Configure burndown chart by choosing project board and fields

2. Configure the Schedule

3. Configure reporting options

Post setup actions

Once the report is setup, Troopr sends a notification to the team that the report owner has setup the report and is expected to deliver at the respective frequencies. This keeps the team informed. Also, the report owner can test to see if the reports and charts are working as expected by choosing the "Run Now" option. This will immediately send the burndown chart to the relevant channel (If there is any data to send).

Troopr goes beyond Burndown charts

Troopr Slack bot for Jira goes beyond bringing burndown charts to other charts in Slack. You can pick from 20+ available templates to configure and set up reports in Slack. Troopr has no limitations on the number of reports that you can set up. Read more about it here

Get Started

Burndown charts are just a start. It doesn’t reveal everything. Having other charts can also come handy. Troopr Slack bot for Jira brings all the relevant reports directly in teams’ Slack channel.

Troopr Jira Slack integration is already trusted by 1000s of agile teams around the world including Accenture, Intel, Delivery Hero and more. Get started by installing from Atlassian Marketplace or Slack App directory.

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