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Make Jira Faster

Troopr makes Jira faster and delightful to use by bringing the power of Jira to Slack.


We use Jira everyday for project management and ticketing but keeping Jira up to date is a universal challenge. Troopr removes the friction from Jira interactions through automation and contextual micro-interactions in Slack. Troopr speeds up Jira updates 3x, saves 1000s of hours and guarantees better team engagement.

Slack first Issue Tracking

Easily manage Jira from Slack. Most secure and comprehensive Jira Slack Integration for Server, Data Center & Cloud.

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Slack Charts and Reports

Slack charts, reports, nudges and reminders for Atlassian Jira Software customers. Setup personal and/or team reports in Slack. Drill through the reports for deeper insights.

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Thousands of teams love Troopr

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Why Troopr?

Improve team engagement by 50%

Your team doesn't need to learn another tool. Track and update tasks in Slack,  participate in project meetings in Slack. Automate tap-on-the-shoulder nudges to remind your team members to act. Scheduled reporting to ensure everyone is on same page even those who don't use Troopr.

Instantly upgrade employee experience

Replace disruptive meetings with Troopr's asynchronous Slack Check-ins. Troopr surveys your team regularly for status updates or as part of scrum ceremonies like daily scrum, sprint planning, retrospective etc. 

3x faster Jira

Troopr brings actionable alerts and smart micro-interactions in Slack so your team can get back to work faster. No more logging into Jira and navigating screens and waiting for data to load. Just click buttons or type commands in Slack or setup for automatic syncing from Slack to Jira.


Fully integrated remote work collaboration and team communication stack in Slack to enhance team productivity. All-in-one tool to automate your team routines and project collaboration and support ticket tracking in Slack.

With a 5000+ members organization across 17 different Slack workspaces in a grid, there were multiple use cases for Slack integration with Jira. Troopr started with the ticketing use case first and then moved on to solve software project integration and asynchronous standup meetings. With monthly activity at 50K Troopr actions and 10K notifications and growing adoption, Troopr has delivered cumulative saving of $100M annual for the organization.

- Fortune 500 Gaming Company

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Join modern teams that trust in the future of Slack-first workplace

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