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How Huuuge delivers a superior ticketing experience inside Slack with Troopr


About the company

Huuge is an international games developer and publisher focused on the fast growing multi-billion dollar mobile gaming market. Founded in 2014, the company has grown unstoppably to become the global leader in real-time free to play casual gaming. Huuuge now hosts 1M+ daily active users and 200M+ player connections with 195 countries playing their games.

Employees: 1000+

Jira hosting type: DC 1000 users, DC Stage

Other softwares: Slack

Number of Slack workspaces: 1

Solution used: Troopr's Slack integration for Jira

Challenge 1
Manual copy pasting between Slack and Jira


The Huuuge NOC engineering team has set up Jira for internal support. The employees can login to the customer portal and choose the relevant request types to raise requests. The company has also adopted Slack for enterprise wide collaboration across all the teams. While user engagement is high in Slack, getting employees to switch context and report issues in the Jira customer portal is not an ideal experience for employees and the engineering support team. Most requests are typically posted directly to the agents in Slack. 

Agents end up manually copy pasting Slack conversations to Jira tickets and vice versa. This is neither desirable nor scalable. The agents started missing some updates that meant higher turnaround times and resolution times.


With the introduction of Troopr, the agents were able to handle tickets more efficiently. The support teams have set up dedicated channels that automatically post and sync every new ticket information with Jira. This allows them a private space to discuss and update the tickets together as a team. Employees also have an easy way to make requests directly in Slack. Troopr automatically creates tickets for every request posted in the helpdesk channel and keeps all the updates in sync between Slack and Jira. With Troopr, the employees get the convenience to report issues in Slack and agents need not copy paste anymore.

Challenge 2
Lacks visibility on workload and potential blockers


The Huuuge NOC engineering team relies on manual processes to track important reports and metrics. Some of the reports include open tickets by assignee, requests by reporter, tickets nearing SLA, tickets by status, tickets missing updates. The team finds it inconvenient to login to the Jira portal every time to generate the reports, take them to individual team members in Slack to discuss and act on the reports. Relying on manual processes meant higher turnaround time and posted challenges on missing potential blockers at the right time.


Troopr allows a way to automate insight generation, discussion and actioning in Slack. The support team has set up reports and alerts for important Jira events. Troopr automatically captures the reports and sends them in Slack Channels. Troopr also provided the capability to bring the complete report and expand on the report tickets in Slack. This allows a space for contextual team discussion and proactively acting on the tickets before it is too late.


Huuuge Deployment architecture.png


Huuuge Solution architecture.png

Why Troopr proved to be the best fit 

  • Troopr provided a unified interface with the flexibility and configurability the team needed for their workflows

  • Superior product offering with an enterprise grade security. Backed up with security and legal assistance for evaluation

  • Troopr customer support team provided 24/7 support via email, chat, Slack and helpdesk channels for continuous premium support needs

  • Dedicated account manager who periodically shares insights and feedback apart from ensuring all feature requests are handled and resolved on priority

The lasting impact of Troopr 

Troopr started showing encouraging results right from the onset. The employees at Huuge found it more convenient to report issues in Slack. The agents are able to proactively manage and act on all the requests in Slack. The team has seen significant 90% and 40% reduction in median response and resolution time respectively and around $1.7M cost savings.


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