Frequently asked questions

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Does Jira integrate with Slack?

Yes, you can easily connect Jira instance to Slack. Troopr Jira Slack integration provides an convenient way to use Jira with Slack.

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What is Jira Slack integration?

Jira Slack integration provides an opportunity to quickly create, update, assign, comment, notify Jira issues in Slack.

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How do I add Jira cloud to Slack?

Adding Jira cloud to Slack is simple. Here are some simple steps that helps you get started in minutes.

How does Jira integrate with Slack service desk?

Slack bots like Troopr access publically available REST APIs to integrate Jira and Slack Service Desk.

What are some common Jira Slack commands?

If you are already using Troopr, here are a few commonds that helps you get started and work seamlessly on Jira issues from Slack.

How to integrate Jira with Slack?

You can securely integrate Jira with Slack in minutes. Here's how.

How to configure Jira Slack integration to use private channel for notifications?

1. Go to the private channel and invite Troopr bot by typing in "/@troopr" 2. Then you can configure notification preferences using the command "/t configure" in the channel. The notification settings opens - configure project, delivery frequency, event types and save 3. Now you will be able to receive Jira project notifications in your private Slack channel

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