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How Dream11 delivers a superior ticketing experience inside Slack with Troopr


About the company

Dream11 is an Indian fantasy sports platform that allows users to play fantasy cricket, hockey, football, kabaddi, and basketball to win real cash. Founded in 2008 and headquartered at Mumbai Maharashtra, Dream 11 now has 110million+ users and 500million+ daily winnings. Dream11 became the first Indian gaming company to become a unicorn in April 2019.

Employees: 1000+

Jira hosting type: On Cloud Jira Service Desk

Other softwares: Slack, Zendesk

Number of Slack workspaces: 7

Solution used: Troopr's Slack integration for Jira

Challenge 1
Time wasted in manually copy pasting between Slack and Jira


The customer requests at Dream11 are handled by the 1st level support team. Some of these requests require support from the 2nd level support teams and are directed to them in Jira. There are multiple 2nd level teams supporting each product module. The company also uses Slack for internal communication. User engagement is high in Slack and support teams regularly discuss the tickets in their Slack channels. This introduces challenges in manually copy pasting Slack conversations to update corresponding Jira tickets and vice versa.


The support teams have each set up dedicated Slack channels for triage. Based on the nature of the requests and value of the custom fields in the Jira ticket, Troopr directs the requests to the respective Slack channels. Troopr automatically keeps all updates in sync between Slack and Jira and the agents don't have to copy paste anymore. Dedicated Slack channels with auto sync also allows for a private space for teams to easily collaborate on tickets in Slack while Troopr takes care of syncing them into Jira and notifying the customer.

Challenge 2
Managers lack visibility on team workload and insights


The managers find it difficult to track key metrics and surface blockers on time. Relying on manual approach to evaluate these metrics and jumping into Jira portal for every report meant higher turnaround time and inconvenience every time. This also posted challenges on missing critical blockers at the right time.


Troopr sends real time reports in Slack. Troopr automatically captures data on ticket volume, open tickets, tickets by assignee/ status, etc when a new ticket is created.  Troopr also collects customer feedback via simple surveys in Slack when a ticket is closed. All this information is captured in easy-to-digest charts and reports for the managers to make informed decisions. This ensured managers get full visibility into how the team is managing requests without having to leave Slack.

Challenge 3
Delay in approval process


Dream11 was using traditional approval processes and found it frustrating as there are multiple requests waiting for manager approval. The approval process required managers to diligently check approval requests and switch context to login to Jira to process approvals. This was tedious for the managers and also frustrating for the support team and customers to keep nudging them to process the approvals. This was neither scalable nor desirable and the team was looking for a solution to make the approval workflow processes more convenient for all.


Troopr automates the approval process by integrating approval workflow with Slack. Troopr brings all the approval messages in one place in Slack, so the manager can open the requests and process approvals in a single click in Slack. No more emails or manual reminders from the team. All the approvals and automated reminders are delivered as organized messages in Slack, making it convenient for the manager to process the approvals in no time.


Dream11 deployment.png


Dream11 architectural solution.png

Why Troopr proved to be the best fit 

  • Dream11 uses Enterprise Slack Grid that connects 7 workspaces across the organization. And the IT support team wanted to get seamless Jira experience irrespective of the workspaces. Troopr Slack Grid provided seamless user experience across member workspaces

  • Troopr provided a unified interface with the flexibility and configurability they needed for their team workflows

  • Troopr built in and custom reporting templates allows real time reporting on how the team is managing the requests in actionable charts and reports, allowing the managers to have contextual discussions and make informed decisions on time

  • Backed up the superior product offering with an enterprise grade security

  • Troopr customer support team provided 24/7 support via email, chat, Slack and helpdesk channels for continuous premium support needs

  • Dedicated account manager who periodically shares insights and feedback apart from ensuring all feature requests are handled and resolved on priority

The lasting impact of Troopr 

The team at Dream11 are able to use Troopr without any training and started raising requests in the support channels soon after the launch of the Troopr. The agents are able to manage and act on all the requests from a centralized Triage Slack channel. The team has seen significant 90% and 40% reduction in median response and resolution time and around $1.9M cost savings per year. 

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