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How Digistore24 delivers a superior ticketing experience inside Slack with Troopr


About the company

Digistore24 is an online sales platform that offers you an integrated online store, an affiliate market, all common payment methods and accounting automation including tax automation. The company has grown rapidly and transformed the world of business through automation and conversion optimization. Headquartered in Germany, the company offers all inclusive packages to small to large companies to achieve success with their online business as easily and quickly as possible.

Employees: 300+

Jira hosting type: Cloud

Other softwares: Slack

Number of Slack workspaces: 1

Solution used: Troopr's Slack integration for Jira

Challenges in handling incoming employee requests


The IT support team at Digistore24 has set up Jira for tracking employee requests. The employees can login to the Jira customer portal and report issues of relevant request type. For many employees Jira can be too much trouble and they prefer posting questions/requests directly to the agents in Slack. And the agents end up manually copy pasting conversations to create corresponding tickets in Jira. In reality the agents are also discussing Slack requests in DMs and manually copy-pasting the updates/comments/status to Jira. This took a considerable amount of time in the context switch. Slack requests also posted another significant challenge of missing some of them in the fast moving chat feeds.  The support team members are usually wearing multiple hats and were looking for a solution to automate and optimize the time spent handling support requests.


Support teams have set up triage channels in Slack that are mapped to individual Jira Service Desk projects. The agents receive new ticket notifications (created via Slack or Jira) in triage channels with details in thread. Agents can scan through the open requests in the channel and pick on relevant ones to work on. The triage channel also provides capability to privately discuss and collaborate with the team members in Slack. Agents can directly update the tickets in the Slack thread and Troopr takes care of syncing them into Jira. The agents also get the convenience of discussing with the customer (employee that reported the issue) in the Slack thread. Troopr automatically captures these conversations to Jira in real time. With the introduction of Troopr, the agents are able to manage all incoming requests in triage channels effectively and Troopr takes care of syncing both the platforms in real time.


Digistore24 Deployment architecture.png


Digistoe24 solution architecture.png

Why Troopr proved to be the best fit 

  • Troopr supports any and every Jira customization and workflow configuration across the Slack workspace

  • Backed up with 24/7 premium customer support via email, chat, Slack and helpdesk channels

  • Backed up with enterprise grade security

  • Dedicated account manager who periodically shares insights and ensures all Digistore24 requests are handled on priority

The lasting impact of Troopr 

The support teams at Digistore24 are able to track incoming requests more effectively in Slack. The team has seen significant 90% and 40% reduction in response time and resolution time respectively and $0.51M annual cost savings.


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