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Instantly answer employee requests in Slack 

Automatically answer repetitive questions in Slack with suggestions from your Confluence knowledge base or wiki.

Confluence Slack Integration

Thousands of teams love Troopr

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Electronic Arts

Why Slack Knowledge base


Save time by automating answers to repetitive questions


Instant access to your knowledge base articles directly in Slack 


Deliver delightful employee support experience

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With a 5000+ members organization across 17 different Slack workspaces in a grid, there were multiple use cases for Slack integration with Jira. Troopr started with the ticketing use case first and then moved on to solve software project integration and asynchronous standup meetings. With monthly activity at 50K Troopr actions and 10K notifications and growing adoption, Troopr has delivered cumulative saving of $100M annual for the organization.

- Fortune 500 Gaming Company

Getting started

  1. Install Troopr in your Slack workspace

  2. Connect Troopr to your Confluence instance

  3. Link a designated Slack channel to Confluence space(s)

  4. Employee requests in the Slack channel will now be automatically answered with matching Confluence articles.


Built for Enterprises

Implementation assistance so you can learn from the experts on how best to set Troopr up for your team for success.

Security assistance during your vendor security and risk assessment evaluation. 

24/7 support via email, chat and Slack channels for your continuous premium support needs

Legal assistance to ensure Data Processing Agreement and Terms of Service meet the needs of your organization

Directly cut to the front of the queue for new feature requests. We share a prioritized roadmap for your requests with periodic updates.

Dedicated account manager for the lifetime of your account to handle all the requests from your team

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Powered by Confluence

Confluence is a web based corporate wiki product by Atlassian. Teams use Confluence to share knowledge and collaborate. Troopr integrates with Confluence Cloud or Server or DC hosted versions.

Provide instant suggestions in Slack

Deliver immediate answers to customer questions in Slack by seamlessly integrating with Confluence and picking the relevant documentation in chat

Confluence suggestions in Slack.png
Search Confluence from Slack using command.png

Lookup and share documents 

Search resources using simple Slack commands followed by one or more keywords and share them with the customers in chat

Answer from Confluence

Pin the Slack message and ask Troopr to bring relevant information with links from Confluence.

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Vote on Confluence suggestions in Slack.png

Vote on suggestions 

Upvote or downvote the suggestions to improve the performance and accuracy of results for the future queries

Integration with Jira Service Management

Integrate with your existing ticketing system to auto resolve customer requests with instant suggestions from Confluence in chat

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Understand usage and adoption.png

Insights that are hard
to miss

Analytics to monitor usage and adoption of your company wiki in easy-to-digest visualization charts and activity logs to track requests made in Slack channel. 

Bring Slack wiki to your team today